Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Bit of Advice

You know that age-old saying, "Never judge a book by it's cover?" Stupid. You should always judge a book by it's cover, and a TV show too for that matter. You see, there are just far too many TV shows for me to watch now that I got HD and a slew of new channels so I have started deciding what to DVR based on the name of the show. Here are some of the popular shows I have passed on based on what I can only assume the show is about:

  1. Smallville - A town full of fairly short people are most likely featured. How they deal with everyday problems and their hatred of basketball are covered.
  2. The Big Bang Theory - Snore-fest! I like history and all but a whole sitcom on how Earth began? It probably doesn't even get interesting until their are other creatures around, and guess what - that show as already made, it's called "Dino-Riders"
  3. iCarly - Probably a show about a new apple product. Sure I want to own an iPhone, iPad and iPod but an iCarly? I don't even know what it is let alone want to watch a show about it! . . . . Hmmm, but it is made by Apple.
  4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Clearly a show about lies
  5. V - Hahahah
  6. Degrassi - No idea but for some reason I think it stars Andre Agassi
  7. The Secret Life of the American Teenager - Oh, boohoo, look at me, I'm so sad and no one understands me. Johnny broke up with me some I'm going to listen to emo. Pass.
  8. Cougar Town - As stated in an old blog, I can only assume this is a show about Courtney Cox Arquette moving into a town where the other residents are blood-thirsty cougars. It deals with her just trying to survive ("I need to go to the store to get milk . . . but, there are probably hungry cougars there.")
  9. United States of Tara - A reality show about Tara Reid where she travels to each state in America to talk to locals, experience the culture, learn life lessons . . . and get plastered.

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