Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Time Home Owner Questions

Man, living an in an apartment is the life! Lawn overgrown? They got it covered. Paint peeling? Maintenance is on it. Just about everything is taken care of, and those MASSAGES! (What your apartment doesn't offer complimentary massages? Looks like someone doesn't know how to negotiate.) Plus, decision making is easy, seeing as how it's not really your place. Now, that I live in a house, it is like every decision is make-it-or-break-it, cause everything is eerily permanent.

Take my our latest dilemma: Carpet color for the family room.
Here are our options:

Here are a few things you might notice in this picture:

  1. The colors are very, very similar
  2. The decision is not life changing
  3. My photography skills are FANTASTIC!!

My thought process over the last couple of days has gone like this: "I like the lighter one, wait, wait, no, I definitely want the darker one, WAIT! the lighter one goes much better with the light wall color . . . but that darker one will hide stains better." This goes on for 20 minutes in my head, then I get mad, then I drink, then drink some more, then the hamper gets pee'd in. Ok, that is a lie, but I really can't believe how ridiculous this is! . . . But, seriously, which should I choose?


Diane said...

Your kids, when you have them, are gonna ruin everything anyhow so just go with the darker so you don't see is as much!

Anonymous said...

Go with the darker color, it hides stains better LOL