Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Define Several

Hypothetical situation:

You're my wife (I know, I know, you're dreams have been answered). I call you up because I have some things I need you to take care of. As the lady of the house you oblige, and happily heed your man's words. I tell you I actually have "several" things I need your help with.

At this point in time, how many things do you think I am about to ask you to do? Four? Five? Three, even? Perhaps, at least that is what I think when I hear "several," but my wife has a very different definition of the word. She'll often call me up and say, "Hey, I have several things I need a hand with," she will then proceed to list two things . . . that's it.

Like you, as the lady of the house I take care of these things, but I definitely do not take care of "several" things. I take care of a "few" things. I have yet to meet anyone who agrees with my wife's definition of the word several (including the dictionary.) Does anyone else equate the word several with two?


Alyx said...

i think of several as more than two, but less than 10

Dawn said...

1 = something
2 = a couple things
3 = a few things
4 - 5 = some things
5+ = several things

At least that is how THIS wife defines things.

Toni Ryan said...

omg Dawn's reply above, lol!

i mainly agree with dawn ...
4 - 8 = "several" things in my book.

anything more than that is a "bunch of stuff" or "a bunch" or let's face it, anything approaching 10 is already "a lot" or "about a dozen".

"some things" is kind of a vague toss-up for me-- i always assume more than two....