Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye LOST

I have said it before, but will say it again: LOST is my favorite show ever. There has never been a show that has consumed so much of my life outside of the hour, two-hour or, in the case of last night, two-and-a-half hour episode.

There are two types of LOST fans:

The fan that cares about the characters and their relationships


The fan who cares mainly about the mystery of the storyline

I fall primarily in the latter category, and for me, and anyone who aligns themselves that way, the finale was only partially satisfying. If you cared mostly about the relationships, last night was probably amazing. I don't want to say I am one of those who thought the finale was bad, I really, really enjoyed it, I just feel like too much was left up to the viewer's interpretation.

When, Jack's dad said it life is about the bigger picture and not everything has an answer, well, that sounds like a cop out to me, like, "Hey, we created a bunch of storyline's we didn't know the answers to so we're gonna chalk it up to, well, that's life." Sorry, not enough for me. I can deal with the fact that we don't know why, say, Walt had superpowers but the one thing they never told me the answer to that I want to know is: What was the point of the island? Such a basic question but I never felt like we got a legit answer. I know, Jacob said it keeps the evil from spreading. My theory is that if the light went out and stayed out, there would be no afterlife. I feel pretty confident it is something like this, but I want to be told that. This is the only explanation that makes the island story, aka THE ENTIRE SHOW, at all relevant. Otherwise, it is essentially a story about purgatory that could be told about anybody, say, a guy living in New Jersey who has absolutely nothing to do with the island.

That being said, I am still pretty happy with the ending. I am sad to have LOST end. I almost cried (especially Vincent curling up next to Jack, what can I say, I'm a sucker for dog things.)


Danielle Walsh said...

I was one of the people that cared more about the relationships. So I was a hot mess when all the people that loved eachother found eachother again.

I used the word purgatory as well.

Jack all alone in the woods with Vincent. That is what stuck a fork in me. I also am a sap when it comes to animals.

Anonymous said...

The island wasn't a story about purgatory....everything that happened on the island was real, and the characters were alive. The flash sideways in the final season was purgatory.

I get frustrated that everyone seems to think the island wasn't real...

Newman said...

I got that, but what was the point of the island. I mean, what would happen if they didn't get the light back on? Would that have destroyed a chance of the afterlife? Or, was it as simple as, it would destroy the world?

Anonymous said...

There was so much to digest and I am able to put more and more together as the day goes on. I just hate that it taking up way too much brain space! I agree with you Newman--now that we know that the island was real, what was the point of the time travel story line? And the light/darkness story line was a little convoluded. My conclusion is that there is no right or wrong theory about it. They left it all up to interpretation (perhaps too much!).