Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garden Planning Underway

The planning of my vegetable garden has begun. To be clear, this is not some girly flower garden, no, this is a manly garden, one in which I will grow manly things like potatoes, carrots and porterhouse steaks. We are in the earliest stages of planning, and I probably won't be really trying to grow anything until Spring next year (due to the volume of other household projects) but I am starting to design it.

If I had to think of one word to describe the scope of my plans it would be: Epic. My definition of epic is 4-5 raised beds, but this is still the biggest project I have tackled. The one thing holding me back is my lack of knowledge on building gardens, a skill-set well suited for what I am about to do - Build a garden. I have a stack of books I am reading through on building the beds, locating the best plot to use and the types of plants that will do well in our area. I also am reading a book called My Empire of Dirt by Manny Howard, about his attempt to build a farm in his backyard and only eat food from it for six months, and oh yeah, he lives in Brooklyn (Highly recommend this book!)

So, any tips on getting this project off the ground are much appreciated. As a thank you for any good advice I will in turn supply you with upwards of two tomatoes. (Promise conditional on whether or not I can grow any tomatoes, amount of suggestions and my inherent laziness and lack of drive to deliver said tomatoes.)

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Toni Ryan said...

dude - find a place that sells seeds for monstrous tomatoes (burpees?) - we had a huge garden in the yard when i was growing up, and my mom used to grow these enormous alien tomatoes (i mean, like the size of footballs, and i am not exaggerating). those are manly tomatoes right there.

oh, save your coffee grinds, my mom always did bc they're supposed to help (don't ask me how)