Monday, May 17, 2010

Hotlanta Recap

I'm back from Hotlanta; trip was a lot of fun, albeit, brief. Went to the World of Coke where we tasted their products from around the world, as well as, got to sit on the original American Idol couch from the first few seasons: Look I'm a regular Trenyce! (See being Idol doesn't mean you are a star.)

Had dinner at Pura Vida which, if you watch Top Chef, is Hector's restaurant (Again, even if you don't watch Top Chef, Pura Vida is still Hector's restaurant; the restaurant ownership is not contingent on you watching Top Chef. Just realized how often I do this in my writing.) In a word: Incredible! If you are ever in Atlanta, you've got to go there and get the Steamed Coconut Buns and the Calamari Confit Coctel - just insanely good!

Of course, I attended the wedding we were down there for in the first place. A beautiful ceremony and reception on an old fashioned Georgia plantation, which I proceeded to ruin by loudly spilling my glass of cider during the most emotional part of the best man speech.

The city of Atlanta was not my favorite. I think we are spoiled in the Northeast with the likes of NYC, Philly, Boston, and even, to an extent, DC, where our idea of what a city is a condensed area where you can walk/take the subway everywhere. Atlanta, like Houston when I visited, is more spread out, and at time suburban. One great thing though - Atlanta seems to have great food!

Best of all on the trip: Stole a ton of hotel pens!! Here's something you may not know about me: I can't grow chest hair. Here's something else you may not know about me: I LOVE HOTEL PENS!! I don't know where every hotel acquires these magical pens, but I want in. They always write so well, and I hit the jackpot on this trip: 13 pens! Cleaning lady kept putting them back after I packed them away. Newman-1 Loews Hotel Management - 0.

Now, that's some fine writing:
Yes, I write in all caps and on oddly shaped curves when lines are not present.

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Jon said...

LOL! I do that too, but w/ the Hotel shampoos and soaps!