Thursday, June 10, 2010


You're sitting there in your seat, enjoying the action of the game going on in front of you, when a loud, "E-A-G-L-E-S -Eagles!" chant begins a few rows away. Quick question: Where are you?

If you guessed an Eagles game, you could be right, however, unlike in any other sports city, you could be wrong. You see, Eagles chants, which should be reserved for Eagles games, drunken bar rooms and wildlife preserves - if you really love birds - spill out into every other sporting event in Philadelphia.

You don't hear Devils chants at Nets games, you don't hear Mavericks chants at Cowboy games and you don't hear Orioles chants. . .well, anywhere. Yet, in Philadelphia, you couldn't sit through a Phillies game without someone starting up a football rendition of Kindergarten spelling bee.

I wonder how this makes the players feel. Does Mike Richards skate the puck down ice and wonder why people seem to care more about a sport that doesn't even start up for three months?

My plan this year is to go to an Eagles game, wait for it to be quiet, and start shouting, "Let's go Sixers! Let's go Sixers!" (I will then proceed to be shot.)

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Debbie-Lin said...

I am actually both a Devils and Rangers fan (yes, I know, it's "impossible," but still true), and every time I go to a Devils game, it doesn't matter who they're playing, inevitably, there will be chants of "Rangers suck." I've never understood it (maybe if the Devils were actually playing the Rangers at the time...), but I guess it happens all the time, in other sports and with other teams. Good to know (but still kind of annoying)! :)