Monday, June 7, 2010

World Cup Fever

America is decidedly split on the topic of soccer. Either, you like the game or it's the worst thing ever. This split happens to be 95%-5%, with the majority being those who would rather receive extensive dental surgery than watch a full match. Fair enough. To those who do not enjoy soccer, I will not try to convert you - ESPN is doing that on their own - I will tell you however, for the next few weeks, I will have World Cup Fever (it is contagious and incredibly irritating).

It all kicks off - nicely, done Newman - on Friday, with the US's first match, against the hated British!!! (Sidenote: The British really aren't all that hated, I just haven't gotten over that whole Revolutionary War thing - STOP MAKING OUR LAWS FROM OVERSEAS PARLIAMENT!) Of course, I want the US to do well but I will be cheering for the Germans as well. Who do you think will win it all? The Spaniards? Seemingly-Every-Time-Favorite Brazil? AMERICA?! If you have any interest in the World Cup at all, respond with your picks! If you don't, well deal with it, cause getting me to stop talking about it would be harder than winning a header from Miroslav Klose!

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