Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anybody Watching Last Comic Standing?

If you're watching, who's your favorite? I'll be honest, I find half the top 10 really unfunny; three of them pretty funny; and, two of them hysterical!

Here are my two faves:

Myq Kaplan

Tommy Johnagin


Jennifer said...

I love Myq as well, and Tommy and Rachel Feinstein. You can follow Myq on twitter @myqkaplan

Newman said...

Thanks Jennifer! Just found, and am now following him on twitter. I love smart comedy, not crude, for the sake of trying to be shocking comedy, and he is awesome

Debbie-Lin said...

I never watched before, but am watching this season. I like about half of the remaining contestants. There were at least four that I really, really liked who didn't make it (one was that really thin guy who looked like he was about 14; the other was the woman who used to always talk about her job as a nanny), so that was disappointing. I think I'm really rooting for Myq, Tommy and Rachel, but that Mike Distefano really surprised me because I thought he was a lot more funny this week than he was previously. Laurie Kilmartin was less funny to me this week and I'm so done with that Jonathan guy (the one who takes a really long time to speak), I can't wait for him to be out.

It's too bad I missed the other seasons because it's such a fun show! :)