Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time For Grillin'

Happy belated 4th everybody! Hope you celebrated America in a more patriotic manor than I did (eating Chinese food and watching soccer).

Actually, I was quite happy with my 4th of July, because, unlike just about everyone else in this country I don't like grilling. In fact, it's not just the act of grilling I dislike, it's any and all food off the grill. I know what you're thinking: OMG Newman, are you a terrorist? The answer to this question is resounding - no, though I do believe the hatred of grilled meat is a prequalification for terrorist organizations, I am just not a fan of grilled food. I know, I know - everyone loves to grill; well I don't.

Those hot dogs - put 'em in a tub of water and toss 'em in the microwave; burgers - off to a flat-top griddle you go; peppers - forget the grill, I'll see you in the trash (I don't like peppers).

Is it that charred taste that people like, cause, you know what I like better than char? Anything.

Everything is better on the grill, Newman! - Oh, really? What about ice cream? You know how I like my ice cream? Not grilled I can tell you that much.

Anybody else not like grilled food?

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