Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm heading to London for the week on Saturday, and while I have a lot planned, I would love any recommendations! Obviously, any great places to eat or things that you enjoyed if you've been there.



Debbie said...

My boss just went there a couple of weeks ago and loved it! He didn't get much time there because it was this whole European Disney cruise thing, but I know he really enjoyed seeing the changing of the guards and Parliament and Big Ben and all of that historical stuff. They also went on the Eye or whatever it's called, that huge ferris wheel, which was pretty scary. I guess you should try that if you are adventurous :)

P.S.-he said that air conditioning was a problem because I guess they don't use it like we do in America. So be prepared for that :)

Anonymous said...

omg my mom and step dad might be getting married there i hope you like it bye good luck!

ps:your sooo cute!