Friday, August 13, 2010

Little Way to Earn Big Points with your Wife

Here is a little trick you can do to earn big points with your wife. If you are married you know points are extremely valuable, right now I have 73, and can dictate how well you will do in a whole host of situations. Now, it is much tougher to gain points than it is to lose points, so it is of the utmost importance to earn them in batches when you can. That is why I encourage you to use this trick. It does not involve lying, but it does, in a way, involve withholding information.

If you are a wife, please stop reading, here.

Here is an example of the trick:

My wife and I are going to London, if you did not hear, and obviously there are things that need to get down before we go. One of those things is something I know in all certainty that my wife will forget to do, and that is put a hold on our mail. So, what did I do? I put a hold on the mail. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Newman, that's not all that brilliant and really won't earn me many points." You are correct, but with this trick you can easily triple the amount of points for this simple act.

Am I going to tell my wife I put a hold on the mail? No. What I will do, and what you need to do, is wait till we are on the plane or in London. At some point my wife will shout out, "OH NO! We forgot to put a hold on the mail!" It is at this point, and you must follow this precisely, that you calmly turn, and without any hint of bragging in your voice you say, "I took care of it."

BOOM! You just earned yourself 35 points.


teri said...

you're a genius!!!

Han said...

Not a wife but a girlfriend...
And I have to tell you that would TOTALLY work. :D