Monday, September 27, 2010

Does Your Spouse Watch a Show You Hate?

147. That's how many episodes of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman there are, and yesterday my wife finished watching all of them.

When we moved into our home a few months ago we discovered we got the Gospel Music Channel with our cable package. This is a channel we did not receive in our apartment, and if I had known then what I know now about how it would change my life, we'd still be in that apartment.

From the time my wife discovered this channel, dedicated to elderly religious people - there is a commercial for the Hover-round every other break- she has gone about DVRing every episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman that was on. It was not uncommon for me to go DVR a quality program off PBS - like NOVA or Jersey Shore - only to see the DVR at 90% full and upwards of 8 episodes of High-Def shirtless Sully and Jane Seymour (not shirtless) clogging my poor machine's arteries.

Not any more!!! Yesterday, Christine finished watching every episode that ever aired! All 147 of them! If I see one more I'm throwing the DVR out the window . . . wait, no, that was rash and doesn't benefit anybody . . . I'm throwing Christine out the window! (Joking honey, please don't kill me :)

Just curious, does your spouse watch a show you can't stand? Let me know!

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Debbie said...

My fiance watches some poker tournament thing, World Series of Poker, I think it's called, which I have no interest in. Thankfully, he watches it while I'm busy with our daughter or doing something else. He also likes to watch shows like Seconds from Disaster, which are interesting, but very upsetting, so I tend to not watch those with him, either.

I feel bad for you on the Dr. Quinn and thank goodness your wife is done with it now! :)