Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First TV Show Axed This Season

Every year TV networks roll out some new shows and I would assume expect them to all succeed (why else would you air them?) However, there are always a few that barely make it out of the starting gate. Poor ratings, jokes fall flat, for whatever reason the show ends up getting cancelled in a week-or-two. This season the first show to get canned is the FOX drama Lone Star.

The weird thing about this show getting cancelled is, it was heavily promoted. Ads in magazines, tons of TV spots, Fox clearly believed in Lone Star. So, what went wrong? Well, I have a guess:


The picture on this post is the picture that ran in all the magazine ads I saw, and frankly, it tells you nothing about the show. If I had to guess, I would say Lone Star is about guys who love suits. Each episode revolves around the older guys telling the younger guys to put on a tie and mow their overgrown lawn. Hilarity ensues. It also stars two women who may or may-not be connected to the main character's back like a pair of angel wings. The only thing you can definitely tell from the picture is Jon Voight is in it, which means it will chock-full of evil scowling.

Here's what I would have done if I was marketing Lone Star: Have the ads be a picture of a dog with a cowboy hat and eye-patch driving a 1966 Mustang down a deserted highway. The tag reads: Lone Star - It Goes Down Smoooooth

What does the ad have to do with the show? NOTHING!! But, imagine how many people would tune in, and that start talking like, "Did you watch that show Lone Star? What did that dog from the ad have to do with anything?" That's called buzz people.

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