Friday, September 10, 2010

Joe Montana Ruins Movies

Joe Montana, the Hall of Fame quarterback, well known for ruining other teams' chances of winning the Super Bowl in the late 80's, now has decided to ruin something else - classic movies.

During an interview the other day Joe Cool revealed that the movie Rudy, the classic tale of Frodo Baggins' college football career (lots of inaccuracies), was not completely true. You see, Joe played on that Notre Dame team with Rudy Ruettiger, and told Dan Patrick that the events didn't transpire like the movie depicts. You can read the story here.

So, I have a message for you Joe - Shut up and sell your Isotoners (or Nutri-System, I can't remember which one is you and which is Dan Marino. Or, does Dan Marino do both? Either way, I really like those gloves.)

As a member of the vertically-challenged club I looked up to Rudy, and as the name of our club signifies, that is something not many people do. I wanted to be a football player when I was a kid and I related to that movie (especially the part where I befriend a wise janitor.) And, here you are Mr. Achieved-Everything-In-A-Football-Career-Possible and ruin it. Even if it isn't real couldn't you let us have it?

What's next, you going to ruin other movies? Hey, I can't wait to see that new Ben Affleck & Jon Hamm flick why don't you tell me if either one of them dies unexpectedly? Or, why don't you spoil the crazy family twist in Star Wars?! That's right, Luke kisses his sister!

Take that Joe - Go cry into your precious Isotoners (they probably would absorb those tears really well, they are so soft and comfortable. Move so well with your hands, just wonderful, wonderful gloves)

*I actually have heard that the real Rudy is kind of a jerk, if this is true my sincerest apologies

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