Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don Draper Cries

If you put a gun to my head and told me I had to pick one current TV show and only one to watch for the rest of my life, I would say: A) That's a really odd and forceful request. And, B) Mad Men.

I am a huge Mad Men fan. I think a solid portion of the reason I enjoy the show is the cast. Everyone on the show seems extremely talented (kind of the same way I felt about Lost.) The protagonist, Don Draper, is so well done by Jon Hamm, that, despite the fact that I have not seen him in any other roles, I can only assume he is a very good actor. He has made the character so believable. You can tell the stress he feels and understand his flaws. Jon Hamm has done it so wel . . . except for one split second.

It happened in the last episode of Mad Men, when Don breaks down and cries. Jon Hamm, who made everything look effortless, seemed in this moment to, well, Hamm it up (COUNT IT!!)

This image has taken the Internet by storm:

I can't even get Don to leave me alone, as you can tell in these completely real photographs:

*In the first photo Don (who is the same size as that table) is upset I am drinking his tea

* In the second photo Don clearly has a thing for Carrie Underwood, whom I have stolen from him. He does not change clothes


Toni Ryan said...

Don (who is the same size as that table) ... HAAAHHAHAHAHA i didn't even notice that at first. brilliant!

Paul Lucci said...

Jon Hamm is an amazing actor and Mad Men is a great show. I am so glad they are giving more air time to Joan. She is great.

Your blog is excellent!