Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Penelope and Tom Should Have Stayed Together

Yesterday, reps confirmed that Penelope Cruz is 4 1/2 months pregnant. So, first off I should say congratulations since I can only assume Penelope is an avid reader of my blog, but second I must say: WHY COULDN'T YOU AND TOM CRUISE WORK IT OUT!!!!

When we talked about the pregnancy on-air both Dave and Wendy said how they had hoped Penelope and Tom had lasted as an item because they thought it would be funny for her name to be Penelope Cruz Cruise. Yes, while this would be somewhat comical what would be better, and the reason I wish they got married, was for her to take his name!

Can you imagine trying to explain that, yes, while your name is still Penelope Cruz it is now Penelope Cruise!

Imagine all the odd situations that would arise! Anyone who didn't know you got married would assume you spelled your own name wrong, or perhaps had some sort of Early-Onset Alzheimer's, where you have forgotten how to spell your last name. Forget going through any sort of security check or customs with just some of your documents changed - oh, you're getting your bags searched. Then, there's the odd situation of being married to Tom Cruise, which has nothing to do with your name.

I can only hope this issue comes up with another couple and they end up getting married. I'm looking at you Jack Gyllenhaal.

- Neuman

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