Friday, September 17, 2010

Wade, Toni Ryan and a Backscratcher

If you follow our blogs, then you noticed yesterday there was a little bit of a situation with Wade's missing backscratcher. You can read Wade's post here. You can also read Toni Ryan's response here. You can ALSO read Wade's response to Toni's response here. And, if you are still interested in reading, here are two things that were not mentioned during this whole brauhaha:

1. I found the backscratcher. I'm just saying, haven't seen a reward yet. Sure, Wade said thanks, but now seeing the importance of this backscratcher, I'm inclined to think a reward is in order. I will accept a small monetary sum or a showcase of prizes. . .oh, or a set of jet-skis.

2. Who owns a backscratcher?? I mean really?! Wade's a great guy, he likes the Yankees, he's always cracking jokes, and that thing he does with his hair! But, what adult has a backscratcher in his office, let alone at all? Where do you even buy a backscratcher? The only way I know to obtain a backscratcher is to play skeeball and trade in your tickets for one, and even then you would have to pass up on the temptation of getting dozens of Chinese finger traps.

1 comment:

Toni Ryan said...

What a hullaballoo this has become!

Alls I did was post a very random innocent blog with incoherent thoughts... and voila!