Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Do You Fold Women's Underwear

I was working my way through a pile of laundry yesterday when something dawned on me: I have no idea how to fold women's underwear.

Every article of clothing I wear, underwear included, comes in a shape that is easily fold-able. Shirts - Sleeves & sides in, fold in half, stack. Jeans - Fold lengthwise, fold in half horizontally, fold in half horizontally again, stack. Boxer Briefs (settle down ladies) - Fold in half vertically, fold horizontally stack. This is because I can get all my articles of clothing into this shape:

(Also known as a square.)

That makes them easy to stack in my drawers.

Women's underwear on the other hand comes in this shape:

(Also known as a triangle.)

How do you get this shape into something that is stack-able?? Fold it in half, okay, now what? In half again? That pile would topple over in a second. You're always left with an unequal weight distribution, where you'll have one fatter side of your folded undies. So, what do you do?

If you're wondering what I did by the way, if you guessed "Just jam them in a pile in my wife's drawer" you'd be correct.


The Christine Show said...

My mild OCD has perfected a lot of folding issues, to wit, ladies underwear:

Fold in half ... fold in half again ... but instead of waiting for the pile to topple over ... ALTERNATE the 'folded edge' (sounds nicer than 'fatter side').

Nice, stackable pile. You're welcome.

Debbie said...

I actually throw all of my underwear and socks into a drawer. I have no patience for folding clothes most of the time, lol, let alone underwear. It's not like it's going to get wrinkled and it saves a lot of time. I'm really OCD with folding towels and washcloths, but not underwear.

Dr. Lauren said...

Newman! It's Dr. Lauren here. Your plight has touched me so that I feel I must respond: it's simple. 1) fold the point up so you now have a square-ish piece (or a rectangle for those of us blessed with an abundance of backside). OK. 2) fold in THIRDS! Right side in, left side in--and you have a neat little stackable item, and the point you folded up in the first step isn't mashed in half making a lumpy bundle. Voila. A vexing dilemma solved. YW.