Monday, December 20, 2010

Have You Ever Realized You've Never Noticed Something?

I was leaving the house on Saturday and when I started up my car I noticed this little light on my dashboard. I thought, "Well, that's not good." It was located right next to my engine temperature gauge, so using my deductive reasoning I assumed it had something to do with the temperature of my engine. I went in, Googled it and found out it is in fact my overheating light.

I few things struck me as odd:

1. Why would my engine be overheating when I just started it?

2. Why is this light located nowhere near my other warning lights?

I took it in to the shop and asked them to check it out, I said it might just need coolant but I wanted to be sure. A few hours later they told me there didn't seem to be any problem (which is an awesome way to spend $50) and they told me to let them know if anything funny happens.

Then I started thinking: There is a chance this light has always lit up when I turn my headlights on. I could just be informing me that the gauge to its right shows the temperature of the engine. I am now fairly convinced I have never noticed this, which wouldn't be that crazy if it was a newer car, but I have had this car since 2004 and put 80,000+ miles on it.


Allison said...

you are not alone newman, mine is lit up too... they told me basically the same thing they told you, "Oh, it's nothing" if it is nothing, why is the light on? lol

i also looked at the expansion tank that keeps the excess antifreeze in it and it is slightly cracked.

Happy Holidays!


Toni Ryan said...

Newms, next time you're willing to spend 50 bucks for a possible coolant top-off, you let me know. I've got mad Jedi skills, I can pour it in without a funnel, no mess. I don't even need rag or paper towel handy.