Thursday, January 27, 2011

Attention Route One Drivers!

Attention Route One drivers - I need your assistance! You see this morning at approximately 4:30am I got in a little bit of a pickle. I was on my way into work when I got stuck in the snow on a little back-road known as US Highway 1.

After trying unsuccessfully to rock my car out of the snow I decided I needed to dig myself out. Seeing as how I did not have a shovel in my car, I attempted to do this with my windshield scrapper. Bad idea. After 2o minutes of "shoveling" I only cleared a small path which I could still not drive in. Thank my lucky stars I had the helpful Wendy McClure driving behind me and she informed me of a little trick I could try - putting my floor mats under the tires! Terrible idea Wendy. (Just kidding it probably would work a lot of the time).

I tried this but it really was too much snow for it to work. Eventually a kind gentleman stopped and helped shovel me out. I said thank you and drove off. Only thing I forgot - my floor mats were still down on the road.

So, if you happen to be traveling down Route One today and pass by some really fine floor mats could you be so kind as to collect them for me? There is a reward in the form of a "Thank You" message being posted on my Facebook page directed at you and the knowledge that you are a good Samaritan who did not collect said floor mats and sell them on ebay for a very small profit.


Anonymous said...

Thats what first come into my mind,, go find it and sell on
Sorry Newman

Anonymous said...

Newman - I'd say it's way over time for new mats. The snow storm was a blessing!