Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yoga is Difficult

You may not remember this, but months ago I posted how I took a fitness test and BOMBED the flexibility portion. Actually, if you do remember this I would be amazed and offer a sincere thank you for reading my blog so diligently.

Well, after shoveling everyday for the last two months I realized how much easier things would be if I were a bit more agile, so I decided to venture into my first ever yoga class.

(Okay, the snickers should have died down by now.)

So, here's what they don't tell you about yoga: It's freaking hard!

I wandered in to the class yesterday and stuck out right off the bat ("Oh, you take your shoes off? Thanks for the heads up Internet research!") We got out our mats and blankets (again - no idea) and sat down into our first pose, that kind of Indian-style way of sitting with our hands in front of us like we were praying. So far, so good.

Next - Child's Pose. Nailed it. Plus, it felt like a really good stretch. At this point I'm thinking this yoga thing is a piece of cake. I'm ready to advance to whatever is an advanced level. Outside of the whole spirituality, I'm pretty sure I'm the Dalai Lama.

Way off.

Beginning with the next pose ("Warrior") I proceeded to fall-over profusely like a drunkard doing yoga. I needed a block, which they give out to beginners, for just about every move. I must also stress it is very quiet in the yoga studio(?) except for some serene music, so when you fall to the ground during "Half Triangle" it's fairly noticeable.

Today, I am sore in odd places, but it is a good sore. And, as terrible as I was at this whole yoga thing I think I want to give it another go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Newman you should try a class called Bodyflow. It is only offered in certain gyms/clubs. It is a combination of Yoga, Tai chi, and pilates. The moves are challenging but you can MODIFY.(that means do an easier version) and I think you will really like the music. I am an instuctor at the Hunterdon Health and Wellness Center in Clinton, NJ if you ever want to come try a class you are more than welcome!!!! i love PST! Have a great day, Jean.

Anonymous said...

Try the Wii yoga,,less pressure