Monday, January 17, 2011

Is Tilda Swinton From The Future?

There are many, many reasons why I enjoy the Golden Globes. Seeing some Hollywood stars drinking, finding out that some actors I like are actually British, and getting a quick glimpse into the future. How do I get a glimpse into the future during the Golden Globes? The answer - Tilda Swinton.

I am 100% convinced Tilda Swinton has actually traveled back in time and is spending her time amongst us. Why would I come to such a ludicrous decision, well first her features are very much in-line with what I would picture some sort of advanced human to look like. Almost Avatar-ian.

Also, her outfits have no place in modern day. They always look as if in the future we are living in some sort of Communist world where women have been stripped of their fun and must dress somewhat fancy but at the same time a little like a librarian.

Finally, she conducts her self semi-robotically - a sure sign of being from a technologically advanced world. My only hopes are that she is here in fact to simply study us and entertain with her movies and not eat us like in The Twilight Zone.

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Sara said...

Sheer brilliance. She scares me.