Monday, February 28, 2011

Double Wallpaper

You may have heard me mention on-air that my dad and I are renovating one of the bathrooms in my house. Well, we were working on it this weekend and I stumbled upon something awful - Double Wallpaper! (What does it mean??)

Underneath the layer of wallpaper we had planned on removing to paint was yet another layer of wallpaper. Here's the thing - I wanted to be so mad about this for making extra work for us but look at the wallpaper that was underneath - it's hilariously hideous! (The white is where we got all the paper off and the blue is the top layer the layer of pink, white and brown flowers upon a puke-green backdrop would be the one I'm referring to.)

When did anyone consider this a smart and stylistic way to cover a wall?


Andrea said...

BARF! At least it wasn't on the ceiling, too!

Toni Ryan said...

Dude, what's so bothersome is that I am so well-versed in this field that I know how difficult it is to remove ONE layer of wallpaper - worse when it's older wallpaper and they used brush-on adhesive which was not water-soluble.

("well-versed" because I watch HGTV and all those brilliant Canadian DIY shows)

I am also well-versed enough to know that wallpaper has had a major decorative resurgence, so you shouldn't poopoo the idea of slapping sheets of print on your wall as decor. Just make sure to use a water-soluble adhesive.