Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Challenge to Rush Holt

So, it looks like Watson (the IBM computer who mopped the floor with a couple past Jeopardy champs a couple of weeks ago) is human after all. Congressman/Great Bumper Sticker Creator Rush Holt defeated Watson in an exhibition match the other day in Washington. Read about it here.

Now, obviously this was a huge victory for us humanoids, Jersey's congressman and the future of humanity. Rush is a smart guy, a really smart guy, and you wouldn't think he'd shy away from any cerebral challenge, however there's a battle he's been dodging for years (he is probably unaware of this).

A couple of years ago Rush and I were set to play in the first round of the prestigious Trenton Charity Celebrity Scrabble Competition. What did Rush do? He sent a ringer to try and take me down. Not happening Holt! I would go on to edge out his scrabble pro in what was perhaps the most memorable moment of my life (my second being my marriage) and in turn go on to win the tournament. Rush claims he couldn't get there on time and that's why he sent his assistant/professional scrabble player to fill in - likely story. You know what I think? Rush was scared.

So, I think it is only fair that Rush Holt and I play one Scrabble match to determine who the true genius is (I had to spellcheck 'genius' if that is any indication). I win and I get the championship belt he got from beating Watson (I assume he got a championship belt). He wins and I offer a heartfelt and poetic apology on-air.

Ball's in your court Congressman.

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