Thursday, February 24, 2011

So That's A Stress Test

I had to get a stress test yesterday because of some minor chest pains I had last week. Everything is cool, I passed with flying colors, but here's the thing - I was waay off on what a stress test was. (By the way in case you're wondering, yes, that's me in the picture.)

So, I went in there thinking I was going to find out if I was stressed out. Maybe they would ask me a bunch of questions about how much free time I have and how much sleep I was getting or just some how just generally figure out if stress and anxiety was causing my chest pain.

Nope - You run on a treadmill.

They strap on a bunch of these electrodes (which by the way leave hilarious red marks all over your body for the next two days like a you got hickeys on your chest) and then make you walk on a treadmill and measure heart-rate and blood pressure. Apparently they need to get your heart-rate up to a certain point to find out if it's stressed, so a lot of "young gentleman like me" (nurses words) have to run instead of walk. So, I end up running in my sweat-soaked jeans for 15 minutes. And, apparently, that is a stress test.

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