Monday, February 14, 2011

Tech Support!!!

I'm in urgent need of some tech help though I fear it may be too late. I went to listen to some music off my iPod this morning and right after I clicked on the song the screen displayed an image that read: "No Music - You can download music from iTunes."

I am fearful I just lost all the music I had stored on my little jam machine! (By the way, if your first piece of advice is for me to calm down and just resync my iPod with my computer which no doubt has all my music on it as well, here is something you should know - I'm an idiot. In an effort to clear up some room on my laptop a couple of weeks ago I deleted a significant portion of my iTunes library.) We're talking years of ripping cds and downloading mp3's gone. Here's the weird thing, all the podcasts I've downloaded and put on my iPod - still there. So after we get over my stupidity for not backing my jams is there anybody who can help?

Does anybody know what would have caused this and if there is anyway to fix it? I tried rebooting my iPod - nothing. I tried shaking it - nothing. I tried begging it to work - nothing. And, those are all the ways I know to fix something. Help!


Toni Ryan said...

no fear. I will stand in close proximity to said "jam machine" while you loudly excliam, "SEE! I told you it's not working!"

and before you begin to openly weep like a small girl, you will see it is suddenly fixed. like magic.

Please refer to this entry of my blog about my "super power"

Sara said...

When is the last time you plugged your ipod into the computer? There's a chance that if you've done it recently, it synced to your now (mostly) empty itunes. Even if you plugged it in to charge it or something, you might have it set to auto-sync. In which case, yes. You lost it all.

The problem with iPods is that once you do something like that and accidentally delete songs, you won't be able to add new ones without deleting the ones you deleted off your computer from your ipod. As soon as you sync it to iTunes it will delete the old ones and add the new ones.

That's all I can think of!