Friday, February 11, 2011

Retro Shorts

If you missed Jersey Shore last night, you missed 59 minutes of Ronnie and Sammi fighting and 1 minute of the most hilarious shorts ever! Snooki and Deena were out getting some drinks when the waiter came up to them wearing this pair of tight, bright yellow swim trunks which he referred to as "retro." These bathing shorts make Speedos look like a stylish option.

Here's the thing - if you're going to be on national television how could you possibly think wearing those would be smart. You can't possibly think, "I'm going to make my TV debut in these bad boys."

Okay, maybe he didn't know they were going to come in and film (doubtful), still if you are working on the boardwalk where they are filming Jersey Shore and there is a remote possibility you could be on camera you can't wear those shorts on any day. Due to the sheer chance that you might get caught on camera, even just passing buy the cast on the boardwalk, you have to keep the tight yellow shorts in your dresser.

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