Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Weirdest Part of The Voice

The new show The Voice debuts tonight on NBC and I'm actually a little bit excited for it. I think I'm ready for a singing competition that is not American Idol. I think it's kind of a fresh idea to not see the contestant as they perform and it could lead to a real inspirational message if someone who has been passed over because of their looks blows everyone away (it could also be cancelled in two weeks).

Here's the one thing I find awkward about the show: As the contestants sing the judges face the opposite direction but here's where I find it odd - there's an audience. So for the duration of the singing the audience and the judges are basically just looking at each other. Then when one contestant finishes they turn back around and everyone engages in another uncomfortable staring contest.

Just try holding eye contact with someone for more than five seconds, you're eyes strain to look away. Now imagine everywhere you look there's another pair of eyes staring back. If I was a judge I'd be hitting the turn around button after a couple of awkward stalker feeling seconds. Cause you know as much as the audience is into watching some no-name singer they'd be just as fascinated watching a celeb.

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