Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jokes On You . . .

. . .ok, most likely not you but someone reading this perhaps. Here's what happened, I started up a new Facebook page "PST Newman" and I had been working on it here at the office. Well, it looks like I left myself logged in when I went home yesterday. Then some jokester (cough *Toni Ryan?* cough) hacked it (not really sure that is the right use of the word "hack").

The big prank: Changed my profile to "Interested In: Men".

HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a prank!! But ready for this - the joke's on you, I am interested in men. Let me ask you a question - Is Albert Einstein a man? What's that? He is? I'm pretty interested in him.

So as you can see, it looks like the egg is on your face Mr/Mrs/Ms jokester.

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