Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pictures Of My House After Painting

If you read my post a few weeks back or gazed upon it in all its colorful patchwork beauty, you know my wife and I were painting the majority of the inside of our home. And by that I mean, we were hiring someone to paint the majority of the inside of our home. We had done the master bedroom (named after my wife) and a bathroom and said, "Umm, never again."

So, I know you guys have been clamoring for shots of it now that it's done, literally banging at my door to see what my marginally changed kitchen tone now looks like, so here are a few pictures (it's hard to tell how great it came out through pictures, so I invite everyone reading this over for a quick peek and perhaps a BBQ):

Living Room

Living Room




Toni Ryan said...

"damn gina, now that i finished ripping all the artwork and hardware off the walls, i think i'm ready to cut open a bottle of beer!"

... ok, so i tried, a la creativeliving.net ... not a complete fail, right? gah, i should leave the Funny to the experts.

Brett B said...

That's an, uhm, "interesting" choice of color in the living room. And the kitchen color is a "bold choice." The chair rail certainly adds a bit of, uhm, "drama."

Diane B said...

I love the color of the living room.. very nice.

Anonymous said...

Into Neutral's I see. Either I'm color blind or you and Christine didn't change the colors all that much