Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Does This Spell The End For Facebook?

If you are sick of incessant poking, frequent farm-hand requests and having your parents see your keg-stand pics, well Facebook may be on the decline. I believe it was reported recently that the popularity of Facebook was starting to wan (I am too lazy to find this report). Add this along with the fear of exactly how secure your information is & what the company is sharing about you and I could see the slow death of Facebook coming (I also predicted Sanjaya would win American Idol after seeing his audition . . . not a joke).

On the heels of all of this, Google has entered the social network game. They already dominate web browsing, email, blogging and other aspects of your interweb experience and now they are launching their own social network. It's called Google+ and it looks pretty spiffy (what am I 80?)

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