Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My New Experiment!

When you wake up for work early in the morning there are certain things that get sacrificed. For me those things are: Personal hygiene, a complete breakfast and a wide array of clothing options.

It dawned on me today that I have four, yes four, basic work outfits. This is strange because I have lots of luxurious clothes. I have nice button down shirts, a few pairs of cords and a wonderful tweed newsboy cap which all never get worn to work. I opt for ease of dressing and apparently that leaves me with four outfits my coworkers see all the time. I wonder if this makes me look destitute - "There goes Newman in his red hoodie again, poor little guy can't even afford a decent blazer or polo." I mostly wear a combination of the following: Grey hoodie, red hoodie, black waffle knit shirt or a tee shirt on top of a long sleeve tee along with a pair of jeans. I've done this for a long time and no one has ever said anything?!

Which brings me to my new plan: Wear the same exact outfit to work every single day and see how long it takes for someone to mention something to me. Sure, my coworkers my read this blog and just call me out (or purposely not say anything to see how long I will keep it up) but this is the only way I can get this info out there. So, starting today I will be wearing the following to work every single day (exceptions: Fresh undies, clean socks and a rotation of undershirts):

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