Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Know It's Not Real

I caught a commercial I have never seen before for a liquid dishwasher detergent. I'm a fan of a good liquid dishwasher detergent so I tuned in to see if they could persuade me away from the current brand I am using. Little did I know I was in for the most hilarious commercial ever (possible exaggeration).

The commercial begins as a young homeowner busy after a long day of work and Pilates (assumed from her pants) loads the detergent into her very nice stainless steel dishwasher. Then the camera goes inside the dishwasher to show you the detergent working its magic. As you are transported inside the dishwasher it becomes an animated world, seeing as how actually putting a camera in a dishwasher with all the water is most likely a bad idea and a really boring commercial.

Then in this animated world, laser-beams blast dirt and stuck-on food off all the plates. Picture a gun fight in Star Wars only without stormtroopers and with plates. This intergalactic cleaning goes on for a solid 5-10 seconds while the voice-over guy says something like, "Your dishes have never been cleaner."

What I found funny about this commercial is while all this is happening in the bottom right corner of the screen in tiny letters it reads, "Dramatization."

WHAT?! Does anyone actually think this detergent fires laser-beams? Did you think you were purchasing some new kind of technology that they decided to use in liquid soap instead of say, on the battlefield? Is there someone dumb enough to say, "Oh, you're using that Cascade stuff? No, no, that's fine, I mean my soap shoots laser-beams to clean my dishes but I your Cascade is fine?"

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Matt Sneed said...

The last commercial for cascade had little men in hard hats with bulldozers in a dishwasher with the disclaimer "Dramatization"...really? you mean there aren't "Doozers" from Fraggle Rock in my dishwasher??? I used laugh at it all the time...i think I blogged about it too. Do ad agencies think we are idiots????? Geez! Now if you'll excuse me I have to reply to an email from Yanish in Madagascar. I am about to inherit some BIG bucks!!!!