Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's the Best Thing You Ever Saw on Broadway?

Most people say "Wicked" is the greatest thing they ever saw on Broadway. Now, I am no theater ("theatre" if you're cool) and I've never seen "Wicked," but I can't imagine it is better than "The Book of Mormon."

I saw it on Saturday after booking tickets three months in advance (crazy wait now especially because of the Tony Awards it's nominated for . . . Side-note the Tony Awards would be so much better if the statues were little golden Tony Danza's - Just an idea Broadway). I was crying from laughing so hard at times. The thing is, it wasn't just laughs it was really, really well done. It's easily my favorite musical I have seen (I've seen two).

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ironbuckeye said...

I haven't seen this show, but I've listened to it and I think it is freaking brilliant!