Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do You "Bagtext?"

Just learned this term and I'm completely guilty. Apparently, "Bagtexting" is when you send a text while kind of hiding your phone in your bag or underneath the table. Obviously, the idea is so you don't seem rude when you're out.

First off I should say I do the under the table thing, I don't carry a purse (it's a European Man Bag). Second, I probably do this every single time I am out with friends or family. It's bad. I am never listening to the conversation happening, I am pretending to look up while quickly glancing down and typing and then just responding to whoever is talking with, "Haha, yup," or "Totally." (I say "totally" because I'm fairly radical.)

I'm disappointed in myself for doing this but I can't stop!

Do you "bagtext?"

1 comment:

deedee said...

Haha, yup. Totally. ;)