Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Time To Write a TV Show

Well we made it - we are officially out of ideas for television shows. Need proof? Checkout this new show TNT just green-lighted (industry term . . . actually I'm not sure if it is or if I used it correctly):

Scent of the Missing

Okay, if that hasn't fully sunk in yet, it is a serious show about a crime fighting dog. Now listen, I'm a dog lover, but really?! We're not talking Air Bud here where they are playing towards children (PS: Air Bud - Great movie!) no, this is a TNT show where, correct me if I'm wrong, they love drama.

There is only one way I'm watching this show and that is if it features the worst tag-lines ever. I want each episode to end with the woman and her dog standing over their criminal in cuffs and then she says something like, "Guess his bark was worse than his bite." If this is how they actually plan on ending the episodes then I sincerely apologize for any bad words said about the premise of this show.

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