Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Save Saturday Night Live

Dave posted a video on his Facebook page this morning of Melissa McCarthy hosting SNL this past weekend. It's phenomenal. (You can see it here.)

I have been a huge Saturday Night Live fan since I was a little tyke. It was the first comedy thing I ever loved. I've stuck with the show recently even though, as you might know, it's kinda fallen off. But now I think I've got a solution.

SNL needs to hire Melissa McCarthy.

Will she have to take a pay cut? Yes. Will she most likely have to make a terrible movie based on one of her characters? Yes. Would she be the SNL savior and be given a crown and red velvet cape? I think so!

She's got that Will Ferrell quality where no matter what she says, it's funny. Plus she's hot!! (Dave said that.)

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