Monday, October 31, 2011

Newman Endorses 10/31/11

This is my new blog feature. Each week I will be endorsing something. These will be things I like and they can be literally anything. I would love your thoughts. Are the things I'm endorsing overrated? Is there something similar that is better? I'd like to know.

Newman Endorses: Charleston Chews

It came to my attention on the show this morning that Charleston Chews are not universally loved. This was - to put it lightly - horrifically shocking!

Who doesn't like Charleston Chews? (Besides dentists.) I grew up on them at the Holmdel Swim Club snack bar during adult swim. I'd cash 2 or 3 of them in a day. Let me put it this way, if they were vegetables, I would've been the healthiest kid ever. When I was in the mood for something more "desserty" I'd pull one from my freezer. Yeah, they are great frozen too! Take that Milky Way! (To be honest, I've never had a frozen Milky Way bar and now that I'm mentioning it, it sounds fairly incredible.)

When I found out Chris and Company (new name I'm pitching for the show) were not fans of Charleston Chews I felt it would be the perfect choice for the first installment of Newman Endorses.

What do you think? Do Charleston Chews get your endorsement too?

Oh, and if it wasn't obvious, we're basing this off the vanilla ones. Maybe the rest of Chris and Company were thinking of the strawberry ones.

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Allison said...

I endorse charleston chews as well especially since I had to make an emergency visit to the orthodontist when I was younger for breaking my braces on one... my mom might not endorse them for this very reason, seeing as she got the bill :-)