Monday, October 20, 2008

Cop Car Headlights

It's late at night and you're driving. You glance in your review mirror. That's when you see them. Cop headlights. You panic . . . you slow down to a cool 35 on Route 1. Like a drunk grandmother you are overly cautious. After you slow down to a speed that could no doubt cause a pile up with vehicles driving the correct milage, the cop car passes you, only it's not a cop car, it's just some person who, whether knowingly or not, purchased a car with cop car headlights.

Hi, I'm Newman from the PST Wake Up Crew. Did you know thousands of people a year slow down for no good reason because of cop car headlights? Won't you join me in making it illegal to market cars with headlights that resemble those of a police officers. You or someone you know has been effected by cop car headlights, and the numbers are growing.

Someone very close to me, my own siser, was over 5 minutes late to my house one night due to this epidemic. Driving late at night she was followed by what she believed to be a law enforcement vehicle for several miles. However, after pulling up to a light she realized it was not a police officer just an elderly couple looking for trouble.

Unfortunately, what I described is far too common. Please, write your local automotive dealer and urge him/her to remove these vehicles from their showrooms, and together we can make this world a marginally quicker place.

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Illuminati said...

I wish you luck. My only advice. Drink heavily until all the headlights follow you. It makes driving fun.