Monday, October 27, 2008

My New Scariest Animal

If you know me very well you know I am deathly afraid of one animal in this world. Not sharks or lions or those super-flies that can bite you insanely hard, no, I fear whales. They are too big. "But Newman, whales won't hurt you, and you can live inside them if they did swallow you and then get out." First off, no you can't, they'll digest you, and second, who are you a Whaleeologist? (Not sure this is the actual title but I am pretty sure Whaleeology is a field of science)

Whales WERE the animal I was most scared of until I saw an Animal Planet special this weekend. Now, they've been replaced. I am currently scared of Hippos. I guess I have always been a little scared of hippos but to be honest I wasn't educated enough on them. I mean I knew they are often hungry for white marbles and that they have levers attatched to their back that you press to open their mouths, but aside from that I was rather clueless.

If you were like me let me tell you something they are really scary! Their mouths open incredibly wide and I believe their main diet is caribou and human hearts. If you find yourself in a marshy swamp and are scared of alligators, you're crazy. Alligators are adorable little puppies who smell of raindrops and sunshine compared to hippos. Just last year Hippos accounted for more attacks on humans than hovercrafts and marshmellows combined - fact.

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