Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Transcript of the TV Show House

Let me start off by saying, I love House. It is one of my favorite shows on television. However, I believe every episode of it is based off of the same exact script. Maybe, that is what is amazing about the show, that it can be amazing yet highly predictable at the same time. Allow me to demonstrate my theory with, what I believe is the script for every episode:

8:00 - Some medical mystery happens inolving the person House and his doctors will try to, and eventually, help.

8:06 - Team thinks it is Lupus

8:07 - Lupus is ruled out by some sort of biopsy or bone-marrow thingy

8:11 - Cuddy wears a low-cut shirt

8:16 - House writes stuff on his white-board

8:20 - New diagnosis is suggested by one of House's doctors while one of the other doctors disagrees, to which House says to test for the new diagnosis and tells the doctor disagreeing he is an idiot.

8:25 - Wilson matches wits with House (Sidenote: Wilson is a person not a talking volleyball so you're not confused, however, how hilarious would the show be if Wilson WAS a talking volleyball)

8:38 - A seemingly final diagnosis is giving, which requires drastic surgery.

8:50 - Surgery is about to start when House busts into the operating room

8:52 - "It's not ______," says House. He tells the doctors what the patient is actually suffering from, which is something he realized while randomly talking to someone (During this previous conversation House no doubt paused when it dawned on him and inexplicably left the room.)

8:56 - House saves the day and takes pain-killers.

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