Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Night In Hoboken

The following is a transcription of a night out in Hoboken, much like the one I had this past Saturday:

8:45pm - Leave house for Hoboken

9:30PM - Arrive in Hoboken 9:42pm - Start getting frustrated that I can't find a parking spot

9:45pm - Find the perfect parking spot . . . if I drove a Geo Metro

9:51pm - Punch steering wheel possibly breaking three of my five fingers, curse words ensue

9:58pm - Question whether I just ran a red light in a blind rage. Come to the conclusion that I did and I don't care.

10:03 - Intense rage momentarily fades as Lou Bega's 'Mambo Number 5' comes on the radio

10:07pm - Hit a pedestrian

10:10pm - Have super-catchy chorus of Mambo Number 5 caught in my head. Wonder if Lou Bega actually seduced all the women he sings about in the song. Conclusion: He did not.

10:15pm - Give the middle finger to the general city of Hoboken. People in car next to me see this and assume I am insane.

10:18pm - FIND A SPOT!!! After parking begin to question whether it is really a spot. I mean after searching for half an hour could this really be a spot. Am I going to get towed? This must be a permit only spot. There are no signs saying I can't park here, yet there is no way I found a real spot.


11pm - Arrive home. Drink a wine cooler. Go to bed.

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