Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cougar Town . . . OR . . . Cougar Town

This past week it was reported that former "Friend's" actress Courtney Cox Arquette will star in a new show called, "Cougar Town" on ABC. This news was extremely disappointing to me because it just so happens I was currently working on a TV pilot also titled, "Cougar Town".

Okay, so you play TV channel exec. and decide which one you would rather pick up based on their premises, my version of Cougar Town or Courtney Cox Arquette's:

1. Courtney's "Cougar Town": A 40 year-old mom, who is newly single, enjoys her new found single-ness, much to the dismay of her teenage son. Follows the trend of being a "Cougar," a woman who dates younger men (see: Ashton and Demi)

2. My "Cougar Town": A 40-year old mom and her son move to a town where one of the residents keeps a real, live cougar. Episodes circle around the difficulties of living next door to an extremely dangerous carnivore (Ex. Trying to go for a walk around the neighborhood, waiting for the school bus, etc . . . really it writes itself.)

I believe the choice is clear.

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