Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Wolf Blitzer!

If you watched the CNN coverage of the election on Tuesday, you saw the new technology they had been waiting to drop on the American people. Interviews with people as holograms!! If you missed it, here is a clip:

Here is what I believe happened in the commercial break after this aired between Wolf Blitzer and his producer:

Wolf: "Are you serious?!! A hologram! I'm Wolf Blitzer!! I worked my whole life to build up a credible image and garner the respect of the American people, and you have me talking to Princess Leia? Do you know what my name is? It's Wolf Blitzer. Yes, my first name is Wolf, and do you know what Blitz means in German? It means lightning. . . Are you laughing at something?. . . What's your name? . . . Jake? Your name is Jake?. . . I'm shaking in my penny-loafers. I will rip your heart out of your chest and eat it for breakfast. I'm Wolf Blitzer! That's it, I'm walking."

Jake: "Wait, Wolf."

Wolf: "No. Get Anderson to do this crap."

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