Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hope Over Fear

In Obama's victory speech he commended Americans for choosing hope over fear. But, I feel this is an easy choice. I'm not saying I am pro-Obama or pro-McCain, or pro-any other candidate, all I'm saying is that when boiled down to such a simple question, Hope or Fear, it is pretty easy. Here are some tougher choices:


Hope Over Chocolate - Really, it depends how much chocolate, but I don't think chocolate could really win this one

Hope Over a Small Puppy - This is tough, the small puppy is no doubt extremely cute. Still, puppies are a lot of work and could eat your TV remote. I'll take hope.

Hope Over An Apple - Granny Smith? Hope. McIntosh? Push.

Hope Over A Pet Monkey - Hope. Pet monkeys are so overrated.

Hope Over The Complete First Season of Alf on DVD - Hope. Alf sucked.

Hope Over The Flu - At first glance, this is an easy choice, but think about it for a second. Can you call out of work because you have hope? Doubtful. Can you stay in bed all day and watch The Price Is Right when you have hope? Probably on occasion, but most days you would still have to work. Advantage - Hope (But debatable)

Hope Over The Ability to Talk to a Hologram - Hope. See previous post.

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Loved this. Great!