Monday, November 10, 2008

How To Be Important

There's a lot to be scared of these days: Losing your job, the lost fortune in your 401k, dinosaurs. It is enough to strike fear in most people's hearts. While, I can't help you with your 401k or being attacked by a dinosaur, I believe I can help save your job. It's simple and brilliant and I came up with it this past weekend.

You need to show your company you're important, and nothing screams importance like having a Blackberry. It says, I am willing to answer emails while eating dinner with my family or while attending a funeral. The problem for average Joe's like me is cost. I can't afford a Blackberry and the monthly fees it will charge me. So, what's a guy to do? Here is where my plan takes shape.

Whenever, someone responds to your email from a Blackberry what does it say? "Sent From My Blackberry Wireless" It reeks of importance! I automatically assume, this guy knows how to tie a windsor knot. So, here is my idea, which is your's free of charge (until you use it, in which case it costs $49.95 and you can make checks payable to me), simply change your email signature to say, "Sent from my Blackberry Wireless." BOOM!!! I'll allow you to pick up the pieces of your head that I just exploded!!

You're welcome.

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Toni Ryan said...

DUDE. BRILLIANT. Freaking brilliant, and available at such a bargain. (My check's in the mail)

DUDE. BRILLIANT. So brilliant.