Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've Embarressed Myself

This past weekend I attended the Rutgers vs Syracuse football game, which shouldn't come as a suprise since I'm a huge Rutgers fan and bleed scarlet (Ok, technically everyone bleeds scarlet but I bleed scarlet because I am a Rutgers fan, not because I am a human). During the first quarter, the crowd started up the, "Defense!" chant. I immediately joined in as to assist in letting the team know what to do (in this case - play defense.) It proceeded to get really loud in the stadium as most fans joined in, some stomping their feet, some clapping along with the chant, and some, like the guy next to me, yelling into his cellphone about some email he never received.

The chanting lasted about 20 seconds, when, apparently, everyone in the stadium decided collectively to stop . . . except me. It got dead quiet as I yelled, "DEFENSE!!!" (Actually, I yelled, "DEFEN" really loud and "ce" in a long drawn out sigh that got progressively softer as I realized I was the only one shouting.) Boy, was my face red! Yup, I painted my face red. But, I was also embarrassed from the whole situation I just described.

I told everyone to go to hell, except the guy who was sitting next to me, who I believe ran out of the stadium because he may have lost his job . . . which made me feel a little better.

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