Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obama Shirtless

Today the buzz on the world wide web (internet) has been photos snapped of Barack Obama shirtless on his Hawaiian vacation. Easily for the first time in my life, and I am assuming since JFK, have we had a Celebrity President (perhaps a 'Celebritent' . . . or perhaps not). Of course as a Celebrity-President a few things are most likely to occur within his 4/8 year tenure. They are as follows:

- Obama will pose in just a tie on the cover of GQ (Eat your heart out Brad)

- Pictures will be leaked of Obama getting out of a limo without underwear on (which will be ever more shocking since, as a guy, he must not be wearing pants either)

- He will adopt a trendy baby (Baby will be from either from Africa or a new hot spot to get babies - Liechtenstein? - and will have the letters 'X' and/or 'Z' in it's name.

- Participate in a reality TV game show. "Who Wants To Be a Secretary of State?" where contestants live on an island and compete to win a job with Obama. Many of the contestants will be really hot and hook-up with each other. Obama will eliminate someone each week. One person will be on the show waaaay longer than viewers thought they would because network execs think said person makes for "Good Television"

- He will put out a CD, star in a movie and sell his own cologne . . . all of which will fail miserably.

- He will get a BFF - Biden? Hillary? Kim Kardashian?

I am guessing this and more will transpire during his time in office. It should make for an exciting TMZ-laden ride. Hopefully he has time to fix the economy when he is not producing his sex tape.

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