Monday, February 16, 2009


It is fairly clear that since I started this blog a few months ago it has really become immensely popular (see my three followers). So, just like any great product it eventually becomes time to expand. Knowing this over the past year I have put into effect the plan of rolling out "World editions" of Newman's Blogosphere (yes, you are correct, my blog has only existed for a couple of months, like I stated approximately two sentences ago, so it would be impossible to start thinking of expanding my blog before it even began, however, what you must keep in mind is I am very smart).

With this expansion in mind I spent a good bit of money getting ready to launch the Russian version of Newman's Blogosphere! Cause, if there's two things I know Russians love, it's vodka and reading blogs from remotely entertaining Americans. However, I have decided to scrap the project for one main reason. You see, the title of the Russian version of Newman's Blogoshpere was Newman's Blogojevich. If Rod Blagojevich hadn't screwed up enough already, now he has deprived the Russians of my hilarious musings (Disclaimer: Hilarity level may vary). I spent a ton of money reserving the domain: and along comes Rod to run that name through the mud (sidenote: Blogger accounts are free).

Yes, I may still go ahead with my Italian Blog - Newman's Blogoccini and my German one - Newman's Blogostreusel, but I really thought I would be big in Russia, so I am upset with these developments. If, there is a Tom Blogoccini out there that happens to sell a senate seat, skip his taxes or adopt cats only to enter them into the dangerous world of underground cat-fighting, I will find you.

Thanks a lot Rod.


Anonymous said...

Seriously,how do you come up with this stuff. Did you watch "Spies Like Us" over the weekend?

Pablo said...

Hi Newman, me and a some other spanish guys read your posts every week! We look forward to hear from your plans for the spanish version of your blog! :-)
Greetings from Madrid and congrats for your great blog!

Toni Ryan said...

Thank God for Pablo. This whole time I thought your blogs were already in Spanish. I guess I'll read them now.